Get ALL The Million Dollar Marketing Info Without The Headache Of Spending Hours On Flights And Seminar Fees... Delivered Right To The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

"Now You Can Sneak Away with the Exact Same Online Moneymaking Tools and Profit Strategies Revealed at the Sold-Out $355.58/per person 'Marketing Summit UK 3' -- For Less Than The Price Of a Family Pizza!"

"This Powerful Information Is NOT For Everyone... However If You Feel You Have The Marketing "Balls" To Take In 3 Days Worth Of Life Changing Content That Could Literally Turn Your Business Around Overnight... Then I Will Give You Everything I learned In These 3 Days... In This Easy To Consume Publication."

Dear Struggling Internet Marketer…

Carl Picot- Author and Marketer

If you would like the opportunity to ‘Sneak behind the curtains’, and get access to three days of "Brand New -- Cutting Edge" amazing marketing content, given by 12 of the Worlds most successful Marketers… that could literally be flooding your bank account right now as we speak…

Then this letter will show you how.

So... Let me explain:

I’ve produced a short publication called “Millionaire Marketing Summit Notes” from the recent Marketing Summit 3 that I attended on the 5th -- 7th of June 2015 in Liverpool, UK.

However… this product is not for everyone.

Here’s what I mean:

The Millionaire Marketing Summit Notes is a short, easy to read eBook that contains ALL of the important Key points from each of the Presentations, that the 12 Giants Of Marketing gave during the Actual Summit.

  • How They Are Building Their Million Dollar Empires... (And how you can apply what They’re doing to your business so YOU can reap the same financial rewards).
  • How YOU can profit from Brand New Marketing stategies that are bringing in Millions right now (And how you can take these to "explode" your income -- almost over night --starting immediately).

Some of the strategies inside this ebook include: 

  • A Stealth way to easily create content for the web that immediately gives you authority and trust.  (People will eagerly turn to you when they need help with a problem and be drawn to you like a magnet to heal their pain and pay for your solutions).

  • The Sub-Atomic strategy to easily dominate launch Leader-boards even if you don’t have an email list. (YES! beat those marketing giants at their own game using this little known strategy that has worked without fail so far).

  • Exactly what is working in this rapidly evolving marketplace and what NOT to do if you want to survive. (This comes from one of the Internet’s most potent testers).  
  • What Australians know about advancing your business goals beyond your wildest dreams. (Yes this Aussie actually scrapped his whole business model when he discovered this secret that you will get… and went on to make thousands of dollars he would not have even seen with the new method).

  • The completely un-scientific (yet 100% accurate) way to define your most fail-safe marketing strategies… using 3 monkeys and a pizza. (Believe it or not this highly respected marketer uses this method relentlessly… to create winning products and promotions without fail).

  • A Neurological discovery that lets even total newbies break through to totally dominate product sales in record breaking time. (This is what enables people who are brand spanking new to marketing quickly bring in sales out of the blue).

  • 7 examples of how to turn ordinary boring events in to windfalls of product ideas that will be exactly what your buyers need so you can sell to them. (Marketers have made sales from products talking about great Auntie Edith’s flower arranging group to pet cats dumping a live mouse on their lap half way through a marketing webinar).

  • Exactly what to say to people when you first meet them that can (1. Bond them to you right away 2. build unbreakable trust and 3. Persuade them to buy your product at first contact).

  •   The weirdest brand new way to market your offers that will virtually guarantee your customers will buy, and adore you for it (This odd method of promoting has seen up to a 94% success rate during testing –and now YOU can replicate this for your own profits).  

  • The most profitable number of times to plug your promotions in an email campaign. (And the worst possible place you could EVER put a link ! – avoid this or die!)
  • How to set up an online  “Stealth Uberspy Strategy” that will show you (1) exactly what your customer wants to buy and (2) how much money they are willing to pay. (Potentially letting you know precisely what to sell to your customers and how much to charge before you even create your product..
  • The secret “Action Takers” negotiation tactic that can guarantee almost any email lands in the inbox AND is profitable. (This little-known strategy has been used by some of history's most persuasive marketing geniuses.)
  • Bit-by-bit, the single most important part of your sales funnel pages to test. (Many tests have proved this often-overlooked element of your offer page can be even MORE important than anything else in the funnel).
  • The one kind of “Marketing angle” to use if you absolutely MUST get attention to your offer at all costs. (The legendary copywriter Gary Halbert did this nearly EVERY time in his most highly successful sales letters and ads.)
  • Get only the most important points without having to trawl through mountains of monotonous video (Save hours of time and frustration with the key fundamental strategies brought directly to your attention without all the gobbledygook you don’t need to see).

Just to prove just how powerful these strategies are, here's a quote from Austin. who I was sat next to at the actual event, after he took action after listening to Devin Zander's "Omnipresent Dragon Sniper" launch method that's explained on page 34 of the Notes.

"In my recent eCom Experts Academy launch with Devin, Justin and Robert, part of the strategy we used Was Devin's 'Omnipresent Dragon Sniper' launch promotion strategy he revealed at the summit, which helped bring in $645,689 in 7 days."

- Austin E Anthony --   eCom Experts

Look at this amazing line up

Devin Zander

A crash course in branding, buzz and omnipresence. 
Devin Zander is one of Internet Marketing's fastest rising stars and has proven this with his very rapid success - going to $10.000 a month in his first 2 months online aged only 20. He's now 24 and owns 2 companies and charges $10,000 for coaching.
A word that goes hand in hand with internet marketing is launch. A lot of people are scared to launch because they don't have enough connections or affiliates. But Devin showed us that his doesn't matter. He carefully explained how he went from having ZERO connections and affiliates to never having one of his own launches do less than $400,000.00. Devin gave us a crash course in branding, buzz and omnipresence. 


Michael Christon

"Quit Being A Dumb-Ass Mother IM'R's Business For F**ks sake."
Michael is a business advisor who's methods have been proven time and time again to create astonishing success for all manner and sizes of business.
Hidden in plain sight, theres an undeniable logic as to why the select few get what they want.... while others endlessly struggle on their internet Marketing hamster wheels. Hard hitting, yet entertaining, the unmissable end to day 2 left us all with a simple question. Will you fight over the scraps or feast like a king? 


Joey Xoto

How to use video to supercharge your sales funnels.
Joey Xoto is one of the UK's greatest authorities on Video Marketing and has produced a huge range of training and resources to help marketers shortcut their way to success using video. 

How to use the power of video to supercharge your sales funnels, dominate your affiliate promotions & boost your authority online in whatever niche you're in! These simple tactics have been responsible for hundreds if not thousands of dollars in profit.

Sam Bakker

How to make as much as $84,000 in 7 days as an affiliate.
Sam Bakker is a hugely successful Marketer from New Zealand who specialises in Video Marketing and 5 figure affiliate email promotions.

Sam revealed how he's been able to make as much as $84,000 in 7 days as an affiliate using the power of resell-rights products. He showed how you can... with just a few tweaks... improve your affiliate promotions and make "heaps" more money.


Matt Ford

How to make more money, get more attention, & experience less stress with every launch!
Together with Chad Nicely, Matt runs The Launch Suite who have Worked with some of the biggest names in the IM market place, and Launch revenue for his clients so far this year has been over $2.0 million.

How to make more money, get more attention, & experience less stress with every launch.! * inside tactics from a $452k launch! * build relationships both online and offline ! * expand ways to instantly connect with anyone.! * what to never do when connecting with people.! * strategies to add to your sales funnels to increase your conversions.


Cindy Battye

A step by step plan to create your digital empire using her million dollar pizza plan.
In her previous partnership with the IM Wealth Builders, Cindy has sold more than $3,000,000.00 worth of products on the JVzoo affiliate platform alone. She is one of the Worlds most successful marketers. 

Cancer survivor, Cindy shares a step by step plan to create your digital empire using her million dollar pizza plan - making internet marketing easier & faster than you could imagine, using a practical hands on approach to understanding & mastering online marketing!


Walt Bayliss

Learning, earning and evolution.
Walt Bayliss has risen from a marketer who had 3 wordpress plugins and some domain software in 2012 to dominating the internet marketing scene with a plathoria of successful products in 2015. He reveals the secrets to huge success in such a short time in this product. 
Learning, earning and evolution. Think bigger, achieve more and get yourself set for the rest of your life.

Karthik Ramani

Better email infrastructure for better inbox deliverability.
Karthic Ramani is most well known for his FB marketing tools and lead generation applications. He works with Matt Ford and Chad Nicely to have 5 figure launches as standard.
You might have the best subject line, copy and a great offer targeted to your list. But if your emails do not get delivered to their inbox, none of it matters. We learned how to implement just a few simple set up strategies which will dramatically maximise your promotions and make sure your emails end up in the inbox and not the spam.


Brad Spencer

How to use simple, easy, and low cost ways to build friendships and then leverage them.

Brad Spencer has been successful in both offline (Deli restaurant owner) and online IM superstar. His expertees is legendary and he specializes in recruiting talented people to form teams of unstoppable business power. 
Brad shared how to use simple, easy, and low cost ways to build friendships and then leverage them into repeat business and evergreen income. Duplicatable and systemized so that building relationships is easy, fast, and will set you apart from your competition.


Jan Schets

An office in the jungle: become location independent, achieve financial freedom.

Jan and his wife own a healthy living website wich provides a full time income and lives the Internet dream living tax free in a tropical country.
An office in the jungle: become location independent, achieve financial freedom, and build a life while making a living! Jan showed you the lifestyle one can create leveraging location independent business. You walked away asking some deep questions about yourself.


Larry Loik

How the “quiet millionaires” make 7-8 figures (millions) per year in a real world business.

Larry owns a company which teaches the most simple way for a beginner to make a living online using eBay and Amazon.
How the “quiet millionaires” make 7-8 figures (millions) per year in a real world business selling physical products on amazon, ebay & more with the easiest online home-based business on the planet! Learn: dropshipping, ecommerce, liquidation wholesaling & more. This is passive income on steroids .


Chris Winters

How to legally pay 0% income taxes, corporate, dividends, and capital gains taxes.
How to legally pay 0% income taxes, corporate, dividends, and capital gains taxes regardless of your citizenship. These are the same tax strategies the wealthy have been using for years & are incredibly easy to set up for online location independent business owners.

Simon Warner & Steve Benn

Why the next marketing summit we will be taking you to totally new heights. 
Discover why the next marketing summit we will be taking you to totally new heights, plus your chance to get your ticket for free plus as Simon and Steve preview new software with giveaways & prizes!!

"I was really sad that I missed most of the speakers as I was networking in the other room... I thought I'd lost out on all that money. 

Then I got hold of these notes... Man - just one strategy on an upsell page increased my income from that product alone to 5x what I was earning just two days before. 

Applying these strategies has made me over $3782.98 already and I've hardly scratched the surface." 

Marius Price

"The Millionare Marketing Summit Notes"

... take all this power packed, life changing content and rewrite it for you into short, easy to digest "Bullet Style" chunks that you can easly take in... without the pain of having to trawl through hours of video or audio to find what you need.

They take each of the Megga Marketer's presentations, and condense them in to easily digestable bite sized chunks that can be consumed within minutes of opening the publication. 

These notes are packed with actionable strategies that are "fine tuned" to...

Place Cash In To Your

Paypal Account Almost Overnight…

Starting The Second You Use Them.

That’s my objective for you.

I want you to be able to rip strait in to the “Millionaire Marketing Summit Notes”, read it in one go, and then immediately USE the information…

 …by taking action on just ONE of the many strategies revealed by one of the marketing giants, to make your purchase money back in bucket loads.

…and YES this is easily achievable … as long as YOU don’t waste time and take action.

To be honest… if you follow the strategy exactly… and provided you are selling or promoting a good product that will give value to people…

You Can Make Cash-In-The-Bank Sales Almost Immediately

Ohh yea... I almost forgot to mention...

You also get an awesome Bonus worth $47.00 when you purchase your copy of the Millionaire Marketing Summit Notes

 This is an incredibly powerful private audio interview with one of the key presenters at the summit – Brad Spencer – given in 2012 -- prior to the seminar… which has previously only been available to my exclusive “Inner Circle Group” of marketing prodigies.

The interview gives away 1 hour, 6 minutes and 41 seconds of incredible actionable content where Brad literally “Gives away the farm” on how to build up a successful business online…

...and how to become a marketer that people know like and trust… to build a long lasting respectable online presence… and be able to provide exactly what customers want and need in order to build a business based around this.

Plus Bonus # 2 Get the powerful transcript from this Amazing life changing interview to explode your business profits at double the speed.

  • How to quickly gain ideas for creating better products that are almost guaranteed to sell - (Even if you are brand new to a market, you can use this simple method to quickly and easily create winning products based on this one simple trick). 
  • How to position yourself so that your products will sell without prior proof    - (This works especially well in the lower price range and is a devastatingly powerful method of creating what people really want to buy). 
  • Using the simple 3 part "Angle" formula to add value to peoples lives and get paid for doing it - (Create trust and authority instantly as this is so embarrasingly easy to impliment, yet cuts out all of the painful time it usually takes).
  • The single most important thing to be doing that will ensure that you'll never be short of money - (This simple "win-win" formula will be your income gainer whilst you add value to the lives of others). 
  • The single most potent way to get in to an influential marketers "Cool Dudes" list and create a bonding relationship for the future  - (Do this and you will be almost totally set up for the future when you need the bog guns to promote your products for you). 
  • How to ensure that your customers will continue to buy higher ticket items as you produce them - (Turn a $5.00 customer in to a $5,000.00 within days of them purchasing... using this simple, yet deadly prtent method of delivering what they need when they need it). 
  • And Many More ...

Bonus No. # 3 -

No Brainer Deal!!! 

£50.00 ($77.00 or E71.00 ) Discount Coupon Off the Marketing Summit Andvanced This September

YESS!! Save a Whooping £50.00 pounds (That's $77.00 or 70.63 Euro on the £400 Ticket price of the next UK Marketing Summit with a special discount coupon that comes with your purchase of The millionaire Marketing Summit Notes.


You can even keep the Bonuses, in the unlikely event that you don't want to keep the Notes - How's that for a deal??

OK... Think this sounds to good to be true?

Well don't just take my word for it... look at what these people have gained after taking action on the "Millionare Marketing Summit Notes":

"Carl has analyzed all this, I was shocked at the amount of depth he whent into, breaking down all the fluff from the speakers to actionable bit size bits.

I tried just one of the tips (page 46) and saw a 34% increase in sales in only 5 days.
I can't wait to get stuck in to the rest of it! and report back

- Wah Bhatti --

"Right, I'll keep this super-short:

Get these notes:

188 pages of gold, plenty of word-by-word transcripts, tons of terrific strategies, tactics, tips & tricks you can implement straight away, but also 'fundamental' things you can (and should) use as the basis for building a proper business.

Get them!! The end ;-)

Dr Veit Schenk

"I made some tweaks to a sales funnel video after reading the advice on page 9 in the ebook - My retention rate went from 53% to 87% almost overnight - I NEVER saw that before in over 7 years of marketing!! "

Rob Temple -

Anyway, here's the deal:

Millionaire Marketing Summit Notes is $17.00 to buy, and, you can refund any time within 30 days (for any reason).

However as I previously stated… this product really is not for everyone.

...and most of the people "marketing online" won't even come close to qualifying.

Here's what I mean...

The Millionaire marketing Summit Notes is not for people who are too easily distracted and don't ever get anything done as they're too busy buying the next shiny object (and then keep grumbling about information overload)…

...or those who are not prepared to put time effort and sufficient investment behind their objectives… and DEFINITELY “push button riches” dreamers who believe all that nonsense about being able to discover some super-secret ninja marketing trick on Tuesday and be rich by Thursday.

If this sounds like you, please don't waste your time.

I’m certain that you will find something that fits your needs somewhere…

 But It's certainly not

The Millionaire marketing Summit Notes!

In Fact, if you’re not prepared to implement what you learn or are just excited about getting your hands on the next shiny object and are not ready to do any real work… then you should NOT buy this product.

This is for serious marketers only.

Anyhow... there's a ton of money to be made online.

 And lucky few that know the secrets which were shared at the summit … and are summarized in these notes... are scooping it up – fast.

The inner circle of Genuine Marketers... who gave away so much life changing information at the Marketing Summit... and the small group of people who attended and are taking action right now... will continue to model the future of the Marketing World to their will whether you decide to come aboard or not. 

Now is the time to decide…. If you want to be part of this exclusive ‘Closed Door’ event or not.

 Click the “Buy Now” button and give it a shot. 

Here's a recap of all the value that you get when you buy The Millionare Marketing Summit Notes:

Millionare Marketing Summit Notes

Bonus #1 Brad Spencer Audio Interview

Bonus #2 Brad Spencer Interview Transcripts

Bonus # 3 $77.00 Discount Code







Based on the total values above, I can easily sell The Millionaire Marketing Summit Notes and Bonuses for $141.00 because the mix of the value that's given the content and the fact that this summit was a one-time event.

Your chance to get this information anywhere else is gone.  

This is it. 

However... Just remember...

...You only need to pay $218.00  $17.00

if you act fast. You need to be quick though as the price will be going up to $47.00  and the launch offer will close for good at the end of the lanch time.

Here's the details of the guarantee I mentioned earier... just in case you're still 'Thinking about it.'

You Get A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for a whole 30 days with NO RISK!
Here's how this works: Go to the product, you'll have it in your inbox instantly (in the next 5 minutes). Read just 10 pages of it, try just two of the strategies. If you don't agree that The Millonaire Marketing Summit Notes will help you increase your profits and shortcut your way to success within 3 weeks of trying it, then I insist that you return it for a refund. 
simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. No Question Asked!

The Millionaire Marketing Summit Notes will be instantly accessible for download for you to enjoy at your leisure with the comfort of your own computer or digital device… the moment that you buy – meaning you can start taking action immediately.

Whatever you choose to do with the money you make... pay off the credit card loans (and feel the relief)... treat your family to that long awaited holiday (smell the fresh sea air)... or simply decide to live life on your own terms (kiss goodbye to the morning commute and the daily 6 am wake up calls)... the answer is only one mouse click away.

Click the "Buy Now" button to get started:

Yes Carl -- I understand that The Millonaire Marketing Summit Notes is a power packed, summarized version of the actual Marketing Summit 3 event that took place in Liverpool in June 2015... and is full of the cutting edge stategies that are bringing in millions of dollars revenue for the speakers right now -- that I can take and use to turn in to cold hard cash. 

I know that using just one of these strategies in my business could increase my income substantially -- almost overnight -- ONLY if I take action and put the information to use. 

I understand I can take this product and use it as my own and if I am not 100% satisfied that it's value is at least 10 x what I've paid, I can ask for a full and immediate refund by contacting your support desk -- no questions asked.

I can even keep the $151.00 life changing bonuses if I decide not to keep the product.

WARNING!! The Price Rises To $27.00 in Exactly...

Millionaire Marketing Summit Notes

Carl Picot

P.S. You can choose to do nothing or you can choose to take action and get the cutting edge strategies that are working right now to take your marketing to the level you deserve... and finally break free to the success youve been waiting for all this time. Click the Buy Button now before it's too late. 

P.P.S. Please don't let this unique opportunity pass you by and hate yourself once it's too late. Click the buy Button NOW and finally earn your freedom for good. 

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